Colorado Council for Economic Education: The New Europe Seminar for Grade 6-12 Teachers

Saturday, March 9, 2013 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Denver, CO
United States

On March ninth, educators from across the state joined Professor Dale DeBoer, PhD, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; and Professor Joe Jupille, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder for an exciting seminar on the European Union. The topics were as follows:

Ten years after the introduction of the Euro, the European Union faces significant stresses. The Greek debt crisis has spiraled into region-wide liquidity shortages and pushed the region close to (if not into) recession. This seminar considers the source of the crisis in the EU, the limits the EU faces in addressing this crisis, and likely future course of the EU. Specifically, we will consider the prospects of the EU breaking apart versus the chance for an ever closer economic and political union. The implications for the U.S. are significant, and should be understood more fully by educators and students.

This event included "an abundance of content" from our PhD faculty; light breakfast; and lunch.