Outreach Initiatives

The broad expanses of the Mountain West make active and productive connections a premium. CEUCE has established a core mission in promoting understanding of the EU by facilitating political, economic, and cultural linkages between the EU and the Mountain West, with a particular emphasis on Colorado. CEUCE undertakes an ambitious range of outreach activities that both build on the tremendous existing resources in the region and generate new network effects in Colorado and the Mountain West.
Each year, the center focuses on a particular aspect of the EU and the transatlantic relationship.  However, while the center allocates extra resources in a given year to a particular constituency – such as businesses, policy makers, lawyers, educators or journalists – the center continues to foster ongoing relationships with all constituent communities.
Outreach Activities:

  • Seminars

    • EU Business Practices
    • EU-US Legal Systems
    • EU-US Environmental Practice and Security
  • Conferences

    • Business Outreach Conference: Colorado in the Transatlantic Economy
    • Educators Outreach Conference: The EU for Educators
    • Journalism Outreach Conference: The EU for Journalists
  • Speaker Series Lectures with visiting scholars

    • Europe-America Speaker Series
    • Europe - America Chats
    • Transforming Europe Speaker Series
  • Colorado Consular Community Luncheon
  • Diplomatic Visitors Program
  • Visiting Ambassadors