The CEUCE is pleased to welcome and to have hosted the esteemed visitors below.


Past Visitors

Dr. Monika Mühlböck

Dr. Monika Mühlböck

Dr. Monika Mühlböck (Ph.D., Political Science) is a Senior Scientist in the capacity of an Assistant Professor at the University of Salzburg, Austria. CEUCE is pleased to host her as the 2013 EU-CU Research Fellow in Boulder, Colorado.

Danièle Réchard (Réchard-Spence)

EU Fellow

Mrs. Réchard is currently Head of the European Parliament Policy Department on Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs, in Brussels, Belgium. As part of the EU Fellows program, CEUCE has the honor of hosting her in Spring of 2013. Mrs. Réchard is conducting research on Immigration policy while in Boulder, and also visiting the front range community, students, faculty and others.